An Introduction

It is fairly intimidating starting a blog. Potentially, thousands of people could read, and judge, what I write (although I’m sure I won’t be that successful!) So I apologise for my humble beginnings, this is an experiment and with any luck, my writing will go from strength to strength.

The aim of my blog is to increase the accessibility of current scientific research to the general (non-scientific) public. I want to focus on the advances and the publications that don’t make the headlines, the work that will lead somewhere in the long run but hasn’t necessarily solved a major problem, cured a major disease or found a new way to live more sustainably. The research I hope to write about is what most research scientists spend their careers doing – small bits here and there that are built upon by other scientists to increase our understanding of a particular system, test hypotheses of how we can exploit a process to make life a little easier or design something new using the knowledge we’ve acquired through centuries of scientific discovery.

The posts are short, bite-size if you like; making it easy to take in the snippet of information I present and still have time to get on with all the other things you have to do. In just 5 or 10 minutes you can find out something a little bit cool… I hope you enjoy reading!

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